So, what is this Xfm 1997 website all about then?

You can check out the History page for more details, but essentially Xfm was an original, independent, commercial music-based radio station that was launched officially in London on 1st September, 1997.

The station was started, some years before that and saw life as a pirate “Q102”, and effectively providing a radio service fo a couple of music festivals, by Sammy Jacob but later when trying to gain a legitimate status, was joined by founder of Fiction Records, Chris Parry.

Xfm1997 was unique in its day for many reasons: it played a mixture of classic alternative music, such as Adam & The Ants, The Clash, and The White Stripes, along with championing artists and bands that most listeners may not have heard of.

The station had almost no high profile presenters, except for Gary Crowley (B.B.C. Radio London), and Claire Sturgess (B.B.C. Radio One), the rest of the presentation staff were largely from the N.M.E. (New Musical Express).

While not unique then, but would be now, was there were frequent advertisements for local businesses, includimg music venues, and opporunity to win tickets for gigs. The news was also aired at five minutes past the hour rather than on the hour – all in all, a very unique sound!

The station ran like this for a year, was then sold to the Capital Radio Group, who after several re-brands are now known as Global Radio, and in 2015 they re-branded XFM to “Radio X” as it is today, largely playing commercially successful and established indie/rock music; the station has but one member of the original staff remaining from its Q102 and Xfm days, John Kennedy – somewhat ironically, whose late night programme continues to champion the unknown and unheard of, just like Xfm 1997 did.

This website is dedicated to remembering the attitude, spirit, and music of Xfm 1997/8; we thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy your stay.