John Peel

So, WHO exactly is John Peel?

John Peel worked for national popular music station, B.B.C. Radio 1 in the United Kingdom from the inception of the station in 1967 right through until his untimely passing in October, 2004.

He started off presenting “Top Gear” and was obliged to share his slot with various other Radio 1 presenters of his day, including ironically Mike Ahern, who became the shortest serving disc-jockey lasting just one hour, Peel the longest at almost 40 years!

Eventually John was left to present the programme solo and it was re-labelled the (originally) entitled “The John Peel programme”. Most of his slots were late week evening, although he did secure a daytime slot at the weekend, this was comparatively short-lived.

He is probably known for hosting the 2200 hours – Midnight shift Tuesday-Thursday.

However, no matter when his programme aired, listeners could be sure of one fact: they would never be able to guess what artists or titles he would be playing! “The Peel Programme” as he called his slot frequently, was unlike that of any other on any commercial radio station, nor for the most part, like any of his colleagues at Radio 1, simply by the diverse music he played.

From Roots to Reggae, Thrash Metal to poetry, it was all seamed neatly together by Mr. Peel’s unique presentation ability.

Peel will be chiefly remembered (apart from the above) by breaking more new artists/bands than anyone else. Most of the ‘quality’ music available to us today, Peel either had in for a session or at least played on his programme – the list goes on forever, but T-Rex, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Medicine Head, and the Undertones to name but a few.

The output, spirit, and ethos of Xfm 1997-98 would certainly have been at least partially  inspired by Mr. John Peel.

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